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Meet our son, Kevin
We lost our son Kevin on a Monday night to a craze that has invaded the lives of many children. It is called the Choking Game. Kevin was 15.

Before I tell you about how he died I would like to tell you a little about how he lived ...

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Our story is being told nationally
RESOURCES for Teachers,
Counselors, Parents and Teens

Our story resonates in every neighborhood in every town. Perhaps the worst part is that some people may not even know it is happening because a cause of death is not always accurately identified (choking game deaths are often mis-diagnosed as a suicide).

On this page, we offer videos, resources and web sites that focus on the Choking Game. Everything from my appearance on the TODAY Show (an interview by Meredith Viera), to local coverage of our story and our appearances at community schools by local television.

Visit the video clips and other resources on THIS PAGE.

Also note new information, new videos & teaching resources are available on the ED4ED web site.

Perhaps the worst word in the title is "GAME". It is NOT about fun. It is about risk, and too often the kids who play the game cannot gauge the consequences. That means permanent brain injury, incapacitation, and death -- all because many believe "all the other kids are doing this". The facts are scary.

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Kevin's dad, Ken visits schools
to Prevent The Choking Game

Perhaps the one silver lining from our story is that our loss of Kevin has inspired us to travel and spread the word to other kids about not taking dangerous chances with their lives.

With each assembly, I find we have the kids' undivided attention -- even to the point that they ignore the end-of-assembly bell to learn more.

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